At a Glance IPhone App Icon

Add At A Glance web page shortcut on your iPhone Home Screen

Here's how you create a Home Screen icon for a web page in iOS:

  • 1- Open Safari and navigate to the following web page :
  • 2- Tap on the Share button at the bottom center of the screen.

  • 3- On the second row of options, tap on Add to Home Screen.


  • 4- You will be prompted to enter a title for your shortcut. You can change it or leave the default title of the web page.
    Tap Add in the upper right to finish.

    2 s

That's all there is to it, you now have an icon on your Home Screen that you can tap to bring you to the web page. The icon will appear as a thumbnail screenshot of the web page in the normal shape of an appicon, and it behaves like any other app icon - you can move it around, put it in a folder or delete it .